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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in both developed and developing countries . In recent years there was an increase in diagnosis in the early stages given by the use of mammography, breast physical examination and regular broadcast on the general population of instructions on breast self-examination. This activity coupled with an adequate public education campaign led to early stages diagnosis in a substantial proportion of patients, achieving an improved prognosis and overall survival.

Mammography is the best imaging method currently available to us to detect minimal breast lesions, mainly of small carcinoma that are manifested only by micro calcifications or tumors less than 1cm. in diameter, non-palpable during the medical examination. Remains the only screening method for any malignancy which proved to be effective by randomized studies, detecting 95% of cases of breast cancer.

Staff doctors

Service Coordinator: Dra. Marisa Sola

Getting ready for an exam

Take into account the following information to request and getting ready for a study

  • 1. | Do not use deodorant on the axillary area before the exam.

  • 2. | The patient wherever possible should bring any previous mammography exam done.

Equipment used by this sector

This sector uses the following equipment.

  • Mamografo Digital Siemenes Mammomat Inspiration (recientemente adquirido)
  • Mamografo General Electric Senograph T 800
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