Support center - Phone/Fax: (011) 4963-4738/8888, 4964-8740
Nuclear medicine intern: 4963-8888 int. 5117/5118

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is defined as the branch of medicine that uses radioactive isotopes, nuclear radiation, electromagnetic variations of the components of the kernel and related biophysical techniques for the prevention, diagnosis, therapeutic and medical research

Staff doctors
  • Service Coordinator: Dra. Elina B. Degrossi
  • Medical team: Dr. Miguel Angel Rosales
  • Frontdesk
    • Verónica Madeo
    • Adriana Ortega

Studies carried out by this department

The nuclear medicine department conducts more than 20 different studies. Read the whole list.

Frequently asked questions

Brief list of the most frequently asked questions by our patients.

Equipment used by this sector

This sector uses the following equipment.

  • PICKER Prism 1000 XP Nuclear Gamma Camera
  • Picker Axis Dual Head Variable Angle Nuclear Gamma Camera
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