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Computed tomography is an x-ray exploration that produces detailed images of axial cuts from the body. Instead of getting an image as the x-rays, a CT scan gets multiple images by rotate around the body. A computer combines all these images into a final image that represents a cut of the body as if it were a slice. This machine creates multiple images around region of the body to study. Continue reading..

Staff doctors
  • Service Coordinator: Dr. Eduardo Diez
  • Medical team:
    • Dr. Gustavo De Lillo
    • Dr. Gastón Rodríguez Granillo
    • Dr. Miguel Rosales
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Frequently asked questions

Brief list of the most frequently asked questions by our patients.

Recommendations and patient's preparation for a contrast CT scan

Our team compiled a list of recommendations and the necessary preparations before performing a contrast CT scan.
Download (89Kb).

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El servicio de tomografia computada en el Sanatorio Otamendi fue objeto de una nota en la revista Noticias. Leer más.